Training Intercultural Theatre-Makers for a Diverse Europe

From the e-book

"To conceive of a theatre that is multiform and various, a shared space that yields innovation through the clash of distinct viewpoints and approaches, rooted in ongoing dialogues between artists from different backgrounds, and informed by potent overlaps between friendship and disagreement: this is to propose not only a theatrical and artistic but also a cultural and democratic vision. It is about space that is profoundly shared, whether that be the stage, the auditorium, the street or the parliament house. It is about equity and justice."

CRE-ACTORS evolved through three training workshops.

July 26-30 2021 - led by Dominique Jambert and Vincent Mangado of the Théâtre du Soleil, on the Cartoucherie stage in Paris.

May 26-30 2022 - led by the directors of Teatro dell'Argine, in Bologna.

July 25-29 - led by Lucy Dunkerley and Michael Walling of Border Crossings, in Tallaght, South Dublin.

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