Negotiating Identities in the Third Space.

Third Spaces

‘What is the Third State? – Everything.
What has it done so far? – Nothing.
What does it aspire to be? – Something.’
                                                                                        (Sieyès - 1789)

X-EUROPEAN is evolving through a series of training workshops.

January 27-29 2022 - led by VHS Aalen, Germany, looking at public interventions, for example mock elections

May 16-18 2022 - led by Siilinjärven kunta, Finland, looking at collaborative visual art and music

November 30-December 2 2022 - led by Border Crossings at the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in County Wicklow, looking at theatre as a Third Space, and its value in building bridges between communities.

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